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My upcoming cycle I was planning on running tren acetate but I am reconsidering going with parabolan. When I did it, I only ran about 60-80ml max(I'm not sure the

mg, I'm sure you could figure that out though) and was really happy. Which is fine as that's my test base cycle anyway 12-15 weeks. Hey who has used both, and what kind of results did you have with either one. Last edited by chazk; 21-Jun-2006 at 10:43. I know pretty much. Anyway, what are your opinions? This is what im noticing right away this strengh is already going. Hope this helps man, but rest assured, they're both very good! Wondering whether anyone here has much experience with parabolan and could say what they think? As far as, tren ace. As far as Tren ace. Hexahydrobenzylcabonate 75 mg, tren. No, parabolan is tren hex, i've used all three, i did notice less. Reply With", 12:50 AM #3, i would argue pills Parabolan was like tren acetate on steroids.

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I've used both and the only difference I can tell- dianabol reviews before and after which happens to be fact- is the amount of time between injections. Reply steroid shot for cold while pregnant With", 12:25 PM anadrol steroids informational poster for aids #5. 06:31 PM #1, parabolan. Can any one clarify? All previous cycles have been test (blend) only, test e/dbol, test e/ anavar and test e/tren ace. I have dbol to kick it off 40mg each day. On tren methenolone female results piyo hex, I could go every best test prop 3rd day where with tren ace I needed to go every other day.