steroid injection in knee weight gain

Weight gain with steroid epidural

Since calcium is an integral part of bone, its diminished level affects bone growth and replacement. The relief provided can enable an athlete to continue the physical activity, or, in

the case of a more severe injury, can be part of a rehabilitation program. In the larger amounts used for therapy, cortisone acts by easing inflammationa process in which the body's immune system (especially the white blood cells) reacts to what is erroneously perceived to be an invasion by a foreign substance, or infection. Steroid injections definitely cause weight. Cortisone injections are typically used to provide relief from inflammation in joints, including the elbow (different injuries are popularly dubbed "tennis elbow" and "golfer's elbow the shoulder (such as for the inflammation of the tendon in the rotator cuff and the knee. The body's manufacture of prostaglandin and leukotriene can also be curtailed by excess cortisone, which adversely affects cartilage. You didn't say what was wrong with your knee in terms of how it affects you, I know yo said torn meniscus but does it keep you from your normal daily activities. Copyright 2017 The Gale Group, Inc. It is hard to exercise when you can't bend very well and I have had three knee. Then, discomfort can be more pronounced and longer lasting. Osteoporosis can occur with cortisone use because the hormone can interfere with the body's production of vitamin D, which in turn limits the absorption of calcium from food. Injection is via a needle. You know the steroids cause weight gain just cut. Its really frustrating as I have always monitered my weight. Typical conditions that can benefit from cortisone injections include bursitis (inflammation of the synovial fluid-containing sacs called bursa arthritis, tendonitis (inflammation of tendons plantar fasciitis, back pain due to injured discs, and carpal tunnel syndrome. I have also spent the last 3 months losing 40 lbs and I am afraid that the. I work out alot and really watch my diet but am having trouble losing this.

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